Praziquantel 34mg Larger Cats


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Larger Cats 34mg Praziquantel: 
1 capsule          12-20 Pounds 
2 capsules       Over 20 Pounds

Praziquantel USP GRADE 99.9% Pure:
The main and only ingredient Tapeworm Killer is 100% effective killing tapeworms in dogs and cats.  Praziquantel belongs to a class of drugs known as antihelmintics. It works by killing the parasites. It also paralyzes the parasites, causing them to release their hold on the blood vessel walls so the body can remove them naturally. Non-prescription and over the counter easy to use Tapeworm treatment.

One treatment with in a month is effective and can be repeated the following month. Praziquantel causes the tapeworm to dissolve within the animals intestines and often digested before it passes. In most cases it is not visible in your animals stool like live Tapeworms.


The dosage is determined by the average body weight of your pet and the number of capsules to be given once within a month time period.
Can be given orally “hidden in a treat such as cheese or hot dog or can be opened and sprinkled over wet food.
When sprinkled be sure to tap the capsule as to get 100% of the contents.
It settles and sometimes takes a firm tap for all to come out.  It’s a clear capsule “not colored to hide the contents” This ensures you see the entire amount inside.
Each recommended dose is for one month and can be repeated as needed.

Note: This dose recommendation is different than Smaller and Larger Cats, per visit our Other Prazi Killer Tapeworm listings for your needs.  Cats and Dogs have a different recommended weight to mg dosage.  

Can not be used on pregnant animals.
Only to be used as a monthly treatment.
In rare cases this causes vomiting and or diarrhea.
Fleas infestations much be eradicated to prevent reinfection of Tapeworms.
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